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Bahirdar and Gondar Bahirdar, Gondar

Bahir Dar is one of the most beautiful towns in Ethiopia. Bahir Dar is often the first stop along a historic north circuit after Addis, and is the base for exploring the monasteries of Lake Tana and the Blue Nile Falls.Gondar is famous for its castle ruins, ancient bathhouses, and beautiful churches.

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Drive south from Addis to Mount Zuqualla to visit the Zuqualla Monastery. Situated at the top of the mountain, the crater lake is surrounded by beautiful woods and considered to be holy. Take in the birds, plant life and scenery as you make a drive around the Debre Zeit crater lake region

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A few distance from Ambo is located the Wenchi extinct volcano at an altitude of 3386m.There we discover one of the beautiful panoramas of Ethiopia: large crater lake on steep escarpment covered with multitude of calderas. The lake dotted with many islets occupies the base of the crater. Riding on mule back enables us to visit a source of mineral water, a series of hot springs

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The Blue Nile Gorge Debrelibanos, Blue Nile Gorge

Debre Libanos was founded in the late 13th century by Saint Tekle Haimanot, and is today famous for its miraculous spring. On the way, endemic Ethiopian mammals, Gelada Baboon as well as endemic birds can be seen. Proceeding further on the main road is the truly magnificent Blue Nile Gorge, which is 1 km wide and comparable in scale to Americas Grand Canyon.

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Lalibela – Said to have been built in the 13th-century with the help of angels, this “New Jerusalem” attributed to King Lalibela is the homeland of Ethiopian Christianity, with 11 churches astoundingly carved from the rock and unofficially recognized as the 8th Wonder of the Ancient World

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Addis Ababa City Tour Addis Ababa, Entoto, Unity Park

One of the world's most incredible man-made creations, they are a lasting monument to man's faith in God. Most travel writers describe these churches as the "eighth wonder of the world". These remarkable edifices were carved out of a solid rock, in a region where the ragged landscape still protects the churches.

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Debre Berehan & Ankober Ankober, Debreberhan

Debre Berehan, one of the oldest towns in the country, can be reached after 130km drive north east of the capital. It is a place of interest in its old and medieval history. 43kms to the south east of Debre Berhan is found the town of Ankober, the capital city of Ethiopia in the 15th century. It is situated on top of the great escarpment and the ruins of emperor Menelik’s Palace

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Adadi Mariam Adadi Mariam, Butajira, Tiya

A pleasant drive south of Addis 38 kms is Adadi Mariam, a 13th century rock-hewn church that is Ethiopia’s southernmost church of its type. Not far away is the historical site of Tiya with its enigmatic field of stelae adorned by unusual engravings. Tiya has been named one of Ethiopia’s seven UNESCO “World Heritage Sites.”

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