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Hiking in the Simien Sankaber, Gech, Chenek, Ras Dashin

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The Surma Cultural Route Jimma, Mizan,Tum, Tulgit,Surma,Maji

This 12 days tour is the most spectacular Scenery of Ethiopian Landscapes; Tribal villages, beautiful people and customs, colorful markets, traditions, ceremonies, safaris, National parks, wild life, boat trips, crater lakes and rift valley lakes 

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The Danakil Depression Mekele, Dallol, Hamedela,Ertaale,

Ethiopia's Danakil Desert is home to one of planet earth's most extreme environments and has been dubbed the 'cruellest place on Earth'.With violent volcanoes, blistering air temperatures, gases and land masses being ripped apart by enormous planetary forces, it's an unlikely tourism hotspot but that's exactly what it's becoming.

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Camping in the Omo Valley Konso,Mago,Turmi, Karo, Kangate

Experience nature & people in the Omo valley.Visits with Sidama, Dorze, Gamo, Konso, Tsemay, Ari, Bena, Mursi, Bume, Karo, Geleb & Hamar people. Visit atleast Two market days: Key Afer & Dimeka,traditional Karo body-painting & dance event and close, natural interaction with the interesting & friendly people. 

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